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Daily excursions on horseback

Daily rides are available for intermediate to advanced level riders. Departing from the base at Casa ‘Il Bosco’, and take place in the territory of Cefalù inside the Madonie Park.

Rides of two hours to a full day, and always escorted by an local expert.

Booking in advance is essential.

From intermediate to advanced level riders

Price per person are as follows:

  • Bosco’ 2 hours: This ride takes place immersed in the woods and countryside with breathtaking views of the Tyrrhenian Coast and the surrounding mountains. €50
  • ‘Gibilmanna’ 3 hours: A wonderful adventure within the Madonie Park, which takes you to the Sanctuary of Gibilmanna. €70 (This can be extended to 4 hours to include other panoramic areas, for an additional cost of €10 per person.)
  • ‘Pizzo Sant’Angelo’ 7 hours (5/6 in the saddle): This excursion takes you to the summit of the highest mountain in the territory of Cefalù, Pizzo Sant’Angelo (1081 metres). The ride takes you through woods of oak, cork and Mediterranean scrub, and also includes a short break and visit to the Sanctuary of Gibilmanna. €110 (sandwich and water included) (Advanced level riders only)
  • ‘Sant’Ambrogio beach’ 7 hours (5/6 in the saddle): A fantastic excursion that takes you from an altitude of 600 metres right down to the sea, to Sant’Ambrogio beach, riding through beautiful countryside cultivated with olive trees, vines and fruit trees, through woods and Mediterranean scrub.  €110 (sandwich and water included) (Advanced level riders only) 

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Also Available: Sicilian Odyssesy-12 days. Taste of Sicily-6 days, contact us for full details.

Equestrian tours in Sicily

Discover Sicily’s beauty on horseback with Equestrian Tours & Trips in 2023. From the enchanting woods and countryside views on the ‘Bosco’ 2-hour ride to the exhilarating summit of Pizzo Sant’Angelo, these tours cater to intermediate to advanced level riders. Immerse yourself in the Madonie Park’s splendor and explore the coast to coast trails for an unforgettable experience. Join Savvy Sicily for an adventure like no other, riding through picturesque landscapes and creating cherished memories. Book now and embrace the unique perspectives of Sicily’s beauty on horseback.