About Savvy Sicily, collect memories, not things!

Savvy Sicily’s mission is to give you an experience you will treasure for years to come. We believe that the traditional package holiday no longer suits the savvy traveller. We understand that not everyone has the same wish list when they visit a new place, which is why we create tailor-made programmes that are as unique as you.

Sicily is Italy’s best-kept secret. An island truly steeped in ancient history and culture, with Greek, Roman, Islamic, Spanish and many more influences leaving their mark. It’s this unique combination of food, art, and architecture set against a breathtaking landscape, with long hot summers and short mild winters that make Sicily the jewel of the Mediterranean.

Each experience comes personally recommended. Tried and tested experiences that will allow you to a taste of the authentic Sicily.

Meet Janet Taylor

Savvy Sicily Experiences is a passion project for self-confessed savvy traveller, Jan Taylor. Jan, who hails from Liverpool, first arrived in Sicily in 2016 for a four-month teaching post. Those four months changed her life. Seduced by the food, the weather, the culture, and the scenery, Jan returned to Sicily later that year and hasn’t looked back!

Savvy Sicily allows Jan to combine her love of interacting with people and her passion for all things Sicilian.

My motivation for Savvy Sicily was seeing so many people coming to the island not sure what to do or where to go, and ending up just doing the usual tourist attractions, which I thought was such a shame as Sicily has so much more to offer. Friends who came to visit were so grateful to have a guide and I realised what a wonderful position I was in, to share my knowledge and the beauty of this truly magical place. I can give guests insider recommendations, as I live here, I’m available ‘on the ground’ to help ensure their stay is as authentic as possible. My time here and business background has allowed me to build strong relationships with local providers and pass these benefits on to visitors here.

Seen in the right way, Sicily will get into your blood and can be truly life-changing. I want everyone to have that experience.”
Janet Taylor

Meet Carla De Savelli

Carla graduated as a Tourism Consultant in Treviso and returned to her birthplace in Sicily when she was 18. From there, she decided to become involved in organising unique travel experiences in the region. 

“There are lots of places to see and experiences to be had in Sicily, and this is why I want to share with you a piece of our history and our wonderful artistic, natural heritage. As a travel designer, I love to create unique and special experiences by helping our travellers visit the most remote and hidden ‘gems’, far removed from the typical tourist itinerary that everyone is familiar with. My focus is to discover as yet unknown destinations and experiences and offer them to you. Let me guide you to places where wonderful memories are created in every corner of this spectacular country.”

I’m waiting for you!
Carla De Savelli